Partner Visas for Australians and Filipino Partners: Application Guide

"Navigate the application process for partner visas with our comprehensive guide for Australians and Filipino partners."

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Partner Visas for Australians and Filipino Partners: Application Guide

The Australian Partner Visa enables spouses or de facto partners of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to live and work in Australia. Designed to foster family unity, this visa allows partners to reunite with their loved ones who are already settled in Australia, supporting their shared journey towards a fulfilling future together.


Onshore Partner Visas

Learn how to apply for an Australian partner visa while you and your partner are both in Australia.


Offshore Partner Visas

Discover the steps to apply for a Filipino partner visa when one partner is outside of Australia.


Marriage Prospective Visas

Explore the process for obtaining a visa for those intending to marry in Australia.


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Preparation &

We help you prepare and lodge your partner visa application guide, ensuring all necessary documents are included.


Taking Over Your Application

If you are already in the process, we can take over your application and streamline the procedure.


Visa Refusal Assistance

If you have experienced a visa refusal, we can assist and lodge an application with the tribunal for reconsideration.

Do You Want To Bring Your Partner To Australia?

Embarking on a life together across borders brings both excitement and challenges. At Stojanovic & Associates, we specialise in guiding Filipino-Australian couples through the intricacies of partner visa applications, ensuring a smooth and supported process from start to reunion.



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We will collect all the necessary information from you, to lodge your application. Along with any fees that will need to be paid.



We prepare and lodge your application and let you know when a decision has been made or if further information is required.

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Danijela Stojanovic is a well-experienced migration agent specialising in Australian immigration, dedicated to guiding individuals through the complexities of immigration law.

Since establishing her practice in 2009 and becoming a valued member of the Migration Institute of Australia, Danijela has expanded her firm to multiple strategic locations including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Hillside.

Her firm, Stojanovic & Associates, is known for its proactive approach to navigating immigration processes efficiently, ensuring clients receive personalised support and achieve successful outcomes.

With a commitment to treating clients like family, Danijela and her team strive to provide unparalleled guidance and minimize the risks associated with DIY visa applications.

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