Skill Assessment

Skills Assessment Review

Sometimes you may be confused about whether you qualifications are recognised to the Australian standard or simply which occupation to nominate.  Some times you may be confused about your work experience and whether it is closely related to your nominated occupation.  We can assist you with clearing your concerns and providing you with advise so that you are apply through the right skills assessment authority. 

Preparation and Lodgement

Skills Assessment involves a lot of documentation in particular if you have years of experience from various employers.  It is important to complete the right form and provide the correct supporting documentation in order to achieve a positive skills assessment. We can assist you with this.

Negative Skills Assessment Outcome Review and Re-lodgement

Sometimes, people receive negative outcomes as a result of not providing sufficient information in their documentation, in particular to do with reference letters from employers and outlining duties as well as struggling to show two forms of payment as evidence they were formally employed.  There is an opportunity to lodge and have this re assessed.  We offer reviews of negative outcomes to see whether you should apply for a re assessment and can also assist with the reassessment process.