Stojanovic & Associates

Registered Migration Agent for Australia


Full Application Assisstance

You will be provided with a quote for the fees and disbursements. Usually the fees are a fixed fee inclusive of GST. This is of benefit to you as on your file you will only be charged the amount which is stated as the fixed fee.

This includes research, strategic advice, application assistance, preparation of forms, gathering documentary and other evidence to support the application, preparation of submissions and representations to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs. It also includes any necessary communicating with the Department and the answering of questions raised by the Department during processing. We will provide you with regular updates as to the progress of the application.

Fees for Assessment

If you would like us to provide you with advice as to which visa is suitable for you, we offer a full assessment of your chances in making a successful visa application.

We will only accept you as a client if we believe that you have a good chance in succeeding. If you would like a full assessment the fee is $220.00 (AUS dollars inclusive of GST) and you will be provided with an advice letter.