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We are here for you with an approach of making your ways easier towards a successful visa application. Our experienced and supportive team is always available to assist around the clock, understanding the challenging life routine of our clients. We help our clients in a way that they feel contented in every way to reach their goals.

Other Services

We offer relocation services.  Once your visa is granted, if you have no family or friends in Australia who can assist or support you, then our relocation services can be very beneficial to you.

You do not have to stress about where to go once you land at the airport.  We are there to personally meet you and attend to all your needs.  We want to ensure that you have the best experience and one with ease and smooth transition.

Basic Services

Our Services

We provide honest advice regarding your chances in obtaining a successful visa application. If you work during business hours and are unable to attend the meeting, we are available for after business hour meetings for your convenience.

Other Services

If your visa application has been approved whether temporarily or permanently, we have contacts which we can refer you to for the following depending on what visa you hold.

Danijela Stojanovic

Registered Migration Agent

Danijela Stojanovic

Registered Migration Agent

Immigration law is a difficult area and it is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice as opposed to preparing visa applications yourself or having an individual who is not qualified to provide you with immigration assistance.

As a result of not obtaining professional advice you may be faced with the visa application being rejected and therefore incurring more costs for this to be reviewed at the relevant tribunal. I am a registered migration agent for Australia and an Australian Lawyer. I am a member of the Migration Institute of Australia. I possess the following qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (legal studies), Bachelor of Law and Graduate Diploma in Immigration Law and Practice.


Full Application Assisstance

You will be provided with a quote for the fees and disbursements. Usually the fees are a fixed fee inclusive of GST. This is of benefit to you knowing exactly what you are paying and not having to worry about whether there are any unexpected additional costs later on in the application.

This includes research, strategic advice, application assistance, preparation of forms, gathering documentation and other evidence to support the application, preparation of submissions and representations to the Department of Home Affairs. It also includes any necessary communicating with the Department and the answering of questions raised by the Department during processing. We will provide you with regular updates as to the progress of the application.